GroupFire has three distinct message types which make it easy to stay organized and up to date with the messages that matter most to you!

Message Types:

Conversations, you can now connect with anyone in your organization with just a few clicks. You can choose a private message with a coworker or effortlessly select a few people and create a private messaging room.

  • Click on the red edit button on the lower right and select a member or members to create a conversation.
  • All conversations have individual notification settings.
  • Conversations can be renamed.

Group Rooms are permanent messaging rooms for your existing groups . In addition to the current group posting rooms, you will now also have group messaging rooms for your group(s) (when enabled by your administrator)!

  • Each system group can have a room.  Your administrator can enable it! 
  • You may only view and enter group rooms that you are a member of.
  • You control the notifications you receive for each room. 

Event Rooms are semi- temporary messaging rooms tied to specific events.  These rooms are purpose built to connect with fellow attendees and stay current on event issues and information. 

  • Each event can have a messaging room. The event organize determines whether to enable this
  • Event rooms only appear for invited members.   
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